The moment we ask a question,

we initiate change


Great organizations ought to thrive.

Together we’ll discover how.

Inquiry creates change

Sometimes, even when everyone is working hard, teams and organizations can get stuck. If that feeling of ‘stuckness’ is persistent, some of your best people may leave, others become disengaged. As a result, the work moral drifts into a downward spiral, you become afraid of losing your clients. Consequently, unproductive quarrel and tensions arise between departments and people. In other words, a scarcity mentality takes over.
You as a leader know something should change, but maybe you do not know yet what needs to change and how. This is where you could need a professional, yet warm and supportive partner looking together with you at what is needed to get unstuck. A third person who looks at your people, products and services and sees their potential. And consequently allows you to see it too. Someone who helps getting into flow again.
Let's connect and co-create positive change

What we choose to study makes a difference. It describes –even creates– the world as we know it.


How I see and work with organizations and teams

I see organizations as living systems. A group of humans with their unique way of seeing and doing things who join around a shared purpose. If we intentionally sow the seeds of trust, purpose and inspiration, water with transparency, fairness and care, weed what disturbs growth and the flow of communication and collaboration and if necessary prune where needed, the harvest we yield is rich. Saying and writing this is easy. Living it in reality is, was and will always be a challenge.

So what? Now what?

The Poetic Principle of Appreciative Inquiry* says there are endless interpretations of one and the same thing. This can work for or against our goals, depending on our level of self-awareness. Leaders who assume that what they say will be automatically understood the way they mean it, easily get trapped in a vicious cycle of misunderstandings, dwindling trust and ultimately disengaged employees.
However, the same principle also helps us to come into and keep a state of thriving in our organizations; a state where both employees and clients are nourished through a culture of appreciation and psychological safety. All it takes therefore is creating space for conversations and encounters that are worth having.
I am here to support you in establishing and nourishing this culture, to create the safe spaces to create understanding, trust and leverage the energy that moves you to the next phase, so you can start harvesting again the results you wish for your business.
*to learn more about the Classic Principles Appreciative Inquiry, download your free card deck.

How do I support you?

  • first and foremost we meet and I listen deeply
  • based on what you share with me and what I can see, hear and feel, I propose a few measures out of my toolbox
  • depending on your needs and preferences, we make use of my experience, skills and capacities
Let’s find out together what that means in your specific situation!

Who do you meet in me?

I can connect with your struggle. I have been co-founding a company, been responsible for the product development, customer-service and facilitated personnel and organization development both within and outside our company. We too went through times were we got lost, made mistakes, stood in the muddiness of business life and fought our way back into the minds and hearts of our people and clients.
With my studies in psychology, my in-depth knowledge and experience with strength based approaches like Appreciative Inquiry and my experience both as employee, team leader and as co-founder, I have a few tools at hand that I am happy to share for your benefit.
Want to first get to know me and my approach?

Change in Organizations

Let’s find solutions together for a specific project!
You get:

  • support in a specific project that is centered around organizational, team or leadership development
  • access to my knowledge and expertise in Appreciative Inquiry, Social and Organizational Psychology, Team Building and much more
  • a sparringpartner in the development of your vision and someone who goes with you the way together, one step at a time
  • the aim of this trajectory is that you and your team find the best possible solution together
  • a leap forward in unfolding your potential as organization
per day 1600 € excl. VAT

Intense Month  1 on 1

for teams or individuals

Book your package of 4 coaching sessions à 1,5h

You get:

  • intensive coaching in your area of focus with min. 1  worksheet, taylor-made for you
  • tools that help you break through old, destructive patterns
  • a leap forward in unfolding your potential
  • me holding the space for you in a warm and encouraging way so you can access the wisdom that is within you
  • access to my skills in Appreciative Inquiry and other strength-based approaches and my knowledge in psychology
package price for 4 sessions: 1500 €

excl. VAT

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