Are you interested in shifting a paradigm together with us?

We will experiment our way into a paradigm that honours our ecosystem Planet Earth not only in words, but also in deeds. And we think it could be uplifting, inspiring and FUN. Wanna join us?
This call is for you, if you:
  • feel tired of „only“ talking about paradigm shifts and want to make them happen NOW
  • want to make sure Nature becomes a relevant stakeholder in (your own) business
  • understand that the old ways in our economy (extraction, exploitation and division) are not longer serving us
  • are curious about new ways of working with money in an artful and appreciative way
  • and/or just simply want to hang out with an inspiring crowd 😉

We are meeting at the 19th of December 2023 from 10:00-11:30am CET online via Zoom (register for free here)

and everyone brings along:
  • paper (one larger sheet (e.g. A3), one smaller sheet (e.g. A4))
  • sticky notes or moderation cards (between 10-20 pieces)
  • a pen/pencil of your choice
  • your willingness to invest money (a sum of your choice that feels right for you)
Equipped with these items and readiness we’ll investigate during the call individually and collectively our current relationship with Planet Earth, with and without money. And then we’ll appreciate one person financially, that does important work on and with the land to restore the health and balance of our home planet. You’ll learn more when you join (we can’t spoil the whole experience, right? 😉
We look forward to welcoming you!
sign up for free here
P.S. feel free to forward this invitation to people you feel are fitting into this context and who understand the underlying principles and ideas 🙂
P.P.S.: The idea to this online event was born out of a call with the Salon-Orga-Team.

You have no clue, what I am talking about when I mention the word „Salon“, then I invite you to quickly get an idea by clicking here.