AMSTERDAM, JUNE 16-18 2024

– Turning the Tide –

Doing Business in a Way that honours Life


Are you ready to navigate your business with a radically new lens?

Imagination ignited, transformational insights, getting stuff done

With the salon ‘Turning the Tide’ you are invited into a brave space to not only talk about paradigm shifts, but to actually give them a shape and form – with and without money. Together we get inspired, interweave and co-create an economy where we care for ourselves, each other and the ecosystems on our home planet.
Attending the salon from the 16th of June 1:30pm till the 18th of June 5pm 2024 in Amsterdam might become your gateway to contributing meaningfully to a grandchild-proof future.

Gatherings to ignite hope

The Idea behind the Salon Events

This is next generation of the Creating love in business international events building upon the legacy of Peter Koenig. In this event series we get inspired by local leaders who do great work with and on the land. With the tools of the Love in Business Community* and Appreciative Inquiry we support them in their flourishing.

  • The events are embedded within the local community of the place where we gather.
  • We are working with and celebrating what is already there.
  • We support projects in the surroundings that work towards a socially and ecologically thriving future.

*Love in Business: A community of practitioners & system of three simple, interlocking approaches for accelerating transformation in business, organisational and personal processes: moneyworksourcework & reclamation work.

Join us for 2 and a half days filled with inspiration, visionary projects, learning in community & love in business

Here’s what we are up to…

June 16th

  • We start the Salon at 13:30
  • Choose from a variety of workshops that help you level up your knowledge & skills:
    • Source Work: exploring natural principles by which founders organize and materialize their enterprises, projects and initiatives.
    • Money Work: what do you do with money and what does money do with you ?
    • Appreciative Inquiry: a strength based approach that helps you navigate in change processes
    • Embodied Connection with the Love in Business Community
  • The full variety of workshops and their timing will be published soon.
  • A delicious communal dinner at The Unbound will nourish us on this day of landing, absorbing and leveling up.

June 17th

  • Get to know the other great people inspired to turn the tide towards doing business in a way that honours Life.
  • And experience the magic of a well-facilitated Open Space* where you can lead and /or attend sessions that broaden your horizon.
  • In the afternoon we’ll go on excursion and learn from & support initiatives that already do business in a way that contributes to a grandchild proof future.
  • We reconvene for the communal barbecue to celebrate the richness of the projects and what we have witnessed throughout the day.

*Open Space is a way to facilitate gatherings that allows for emergence and the surfacing of the wisdom that is in the room.

June 18th

  • With all the richness, inspiration and the new connections we enjoyed in the past 2 days, it’s now time to interweave & co-create together with the one and only Peter Koenig himself.
  • In the Open Space* of this day we will build upon what emerged over the past two days. We grow the momentum to turn the tide in co-creation so we shift towards an economy that honours all Life.
  • After lunch we’ll harvest, close well and seal our deals, whatever shape and form they will have;)
  • We end the salon at 17:00 with a round of coffee & tea.

But it doesn’t have to end here. You can stay part of the movement and join one of the next events of the Love in Business Community.

Join us for this 2nd edition of the new generation of Love in Business events!

Get your tickets today!


We want to give everyone who wants to join the Salon Event the possibility to do so. This is why we offer two participation fees on sliding scale, from which and in between you can choose freely:
These ticket prices include: participation & full board from the afternoon of the 16th till the afternoon of the 18th (lunches, dinners, & snacks). Accomodation is not included and suggestions of where to book your stay can be found below.
*If you are a student, just starting your business or money is not flowing at this moment for other reasons and the starter price is too high, please write to us with an alternative price proposal. We’ll do what is possible for us to allow you to join.


To be clear and respect our commitments, here are our terms & conditions: Registered but unable to attend the Salon? Up to May 16, 2024 you can cancel free of charge by e-mail. After that we will not return your registration fee, whatever the reason might be (incl. personal circumstances, illness or quarantine). Of course, you can always be replaced by someone else. Having said that, please reach out to us, if you need help regarding this topic.

Secure your seat now!

Here’s what you get with your ticket:

  • Entry into a catalyzing space that has the transformational power comparable to a coaching package of several months
  • Thereby enlarging your own capacity to build & grow (a business)
  • 2,5 days packed with inspiration, learning tools & skills
  • Connecting with other people in a space that allows for a remarkable level of conscious (co-)creation
  • Being nourished with delicious, largely locally sourced food & drinks
  • If you wish, you can become part of the movement & community that creates & grows Love in Business


Here’s what the finances of the salon look like:

  • Venue, catering for 25 people & costs for logistics: 13.500€
  • With 27.000€ we can cover fixed costs and honour team members financially for their preparation and facilitation.
  • We can welcome max. 40 participants

How you contribute by your choice of tickets:

  • By choosing a Starter Ticket (660 €)  you help us cover ~ 1/40th of the costs (logistics, venue, catering).
  • With buying an Investment Ticket (from 990€ onwards) you make it possible to honour the salon team financially for their efforts in organising & facilitating.

If we have more than 27.000€ as income the surplus will be invested into projects of our (that means also your) choice in a session on the 18th of June (3rd Salon day).

Travel & Accomodation

Our main hub is the Vuurplaats at The Unbound in Amsterdam. You can find it here via google maps or type in the address in any mapping tool you like:

Tom Schreursweg 40
1067 MC Amsterdam
The Netherlands

For your stay we recommend you book a suitable place at The Unbound.

That is on the premises where we will gather, eat and celebrate and allows for spontaneous activities with each other, and no travel time.

Of course you are free to book any other accommodation that pleases you.

Get your Starter TicketGet your Investment Ticket

Meet the team

We look forward to welcoming you to 2nd Salon of the Love in Business Community in Amsterdam

Vera A. Hofmann

Loves building momentum for change that honors Life, thrives in creating moments of beauty and enjoys good coffee.

Ilona de Haas

Loves supporting collectives to become empowering communities, building bridges in duality and unity & a good sauna.

Clarissa Hurst

Loves embodiment, enables people to tap into their creative potential and enjoys colors and paradox.

Antonia Daniek

Holds space for new perspectives and courageous action, bridges the realms of spirit and earth, loves whales and the birdsong.

Joep C. de Jong

Loves searching for the best in people, searching for their stories and helping discover their possibilities and potential.

Grateful for our sponsors:

The History & Values we honour

In March 2022 Vera inherited the Source of the Money and Business Partnership Congress from Peter Koenig. In 8 congresses and 40 years of research Peter created a strong fundament and powerful tools to help us develop a relationship with money, which enables us to let money flow in the alignment with our values. We build upon this fundament with the salon events and continue to host our guests in the languages English, German, Dutch and French.

Claim your STARTER TICKET for the SalonClaim your INVESTMENT TICKET for the Salon

The salon in June 2024 will highlight 3 projects in Amsterdam, which are exemplary in how they shape and structure their relations to

  • fellow humans (team members, customers, suppliers),
  • money (does enough money flow in accordance with the self-proclaimed values?) and
  • the environment (taking care of the place they work in, conscious choice of raw materials & dealing well with waste)

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