Shift your Paradigms

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Learn about the 6 Classic Principles of Appreciative Inquiry
and how you can use them to co-create a better tomorrow
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The online program where we look at the big shifts of our time, reclaim our power and make the change happen that we want to see in our lives and world with the help of the Appreciative Inquiry.


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The participation fee is 450 € + VAT.

We want to give everyone who is interested to participate, the chance to do so. This is why we offer Shifting the Paradigm with Appreciative Inquiry on a scale between a minimum fee of 295 € and an unlimited maximum fee for sponsors. With giving more than 450€ you make the participation possible for someone else. By that you help shape a new reality that offers more chances for everyone.

(Re-)Discover Appreciative Inquiry

and learn how you can use it to both understand the major shifts we experience in these days and how to leverage positive change in your own life and the lives of others

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Why should you participate in Shifting your paradigms with Appreciative Inquiry?

Are you stuck? Are you looking for something that will help you deal with today’s incredible changes or maybe do you simply want to take a next step in your personal development? Then this might be an online program for you.
Come and join us for this refreshing dive into still unexplored depths of what an appreciative paradigm shift might look like.

Why using Appreciative Inquiry?

The times that we are living in are questioning our ways of working, living and being – individually and collectively.
Sometimes that can feel big and overwhelming.
AI helps to ground us. It looks at our own stories with loving curiosity, helps us see the value and resilience in what we have and to realize that our challenges are the gateways to unfold our potential and use them as possibilities for change.
Imagine this online program to be your open door.
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This is what you will learn in the 2,5 month learning journey..

  • be part of an inspiring group of change makers that share your ambition to understand and co-create positive change
  • learn from the masters in the field: Joep C. de Jong, one of the so called “first 50” of Appreciative Inquiry Practitioners world wide and Vera A. Hofmann
  • work on your own change topic(s) with other co-travellers
  • become aware of how we – individually and collectively – construct our world through our thoughts and beliefs.
  • And start shaping a new (internal) paradigm shift that will ultimately effect the outside world.
Each of the 5 modules consists of
  • input-sessions with eye-opening video-, audio-,  and or reading material
  • possibility for exchange in a smaller, more intimate group that allows you to deepen your understanding of the course-material and to exchange with others
  • 5 inspiring calls in an intimate learning environment with Vera A. Hofmann and Joep C. de Jong.

What will you gain out of this Programme

  • Discover the constructs, assumptions and beliefs that you hold around yourself and the world &  learn to de-construct and re-construct them in ways that serve you
  • gain a deep understanding and ability to work with one of the most powerful strength-based change approaches out there
  • learn about a new, inspiring perspective on the times we live in with it’s opportunities to create positive change
  • empower and liberate yourself  as a change agent
  • access and participate in a strong and inspiring community of change makers
  • and you’ll certainly get no certificate for your participation 😉
listen to Brent sharing how AI helps him to reframe and deal with difficult situations

What participants say…

For whom is the programme Shift your paradigms with Appreciative Inquiry  for:

This online programme invites you into a personal and eye-opening learning journey. It is taylored to equip those who are ready to consciously shape the world of tomorrow with insights, a deepened self-awareness and powerful tools :

  • Thought Leaders who seek to connect the dots for and inspire their followers
  • Appreciative Inquiry Practitioners who want to deepen their self-awareness and understanding of what’s shifting
  • (Team) Leaders who want to guide their people and projects into a more regenerative and humane future
  • Coaches, Trainers & Scrum Masters who want to incorporate the power of Appreciative Inquiry and other consciousness-increasing approaches in their repertoire
  • Anyone who is ready to contribute to the paradigm shift

This is the content of the modules

In the 2,5 month we’ll travel together we’ll get to know the 6 Classic Principles of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and apply them to your personal quest:

  • In module 1 we learn what a paradigm shift actually is and how it is different from an innovation, more fundamental then just the creation of a new product or process. We’ll also learn about the fundamental ideas and assumptions of AI.
  • module 2: Following Einstein’s quote that “one cannot solve the problem on the same level of awareness as it has been created”, we’ll get to know the power of questions and our imagination to go beyond our own status quo of thinking and feeling.
  • module 3: We’ll learn that our current view on the challenge we are facing is just one out of many and we can choose which one serves us best. We’ll gather the courage to make a decision and to take the next step.
  • module 4: In the knowing that “Words create worlds” we’ll consciously choose the words we’ll use for the crafting our new story, while at the same time holding the space for the existence of other stories, interpretations and truths.
  • module 5: we look at the journey we made so far and how we can use what we learned and apply it also to other challenges. Where else might you use what you’ve been learning once you move through the open door and surface after this hopefully refreshing and challenging dive?

These are the dates for the opening and closing calls of each module

11th of January 2023, 16:00- 17:30 CET Opening Call: starting together the learning journey, you’ll get access to the online platform, I lead you around, you get to know your buddies in your cohort and we’ll connect to start traveling together

25th of January 2023, 16:00- 17:30 CET Closing Call of module 1

8thth of February, 16:00- 17:30 CET: Closing Call of module 2

22nd of February, 16:00- 17:30 CET: Closing Call of module 3

8th of March, 16:00- 17:30 CET: Closing Call of module 4

22nd of March, , 16:00- 17:30 CET Closing Call of module 5:  closing together the learning journey

Your investment

We’ll be on a learning journey together for 2,5 months, whereby I advise to spend 20min per day on the course to get the maximum out of it for yourself.

You can choose between three levels for your participation in the programme:

  • Regular: You pay the full participation fee of 450 € plus VAT.
  • Sponsor: You pay an amount above 450 € plus VAT and thereby fully or partially sponsor another person who pays a reduced participation fee.
  • Reduced:  You choose an amount between 450 € and 295 € plus VAT.
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