Shifting Paradigms

with Appreciative Inquiry



Learn about the 6 Classic Principles of Appreciative Inquiry
and how you can use them to co-create a better tomorrow
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The online Learning and Development Programme that gives you a deep understanding of the Principles of Appreciative Inquiry and how you can use them to  co-create the paradigm shift in a powerful way.


Pre-register for the Online Program!

If you are interested in taking part in the Online Course Shifting the Paradigm with Appreciative Inquiry, you can now pre-register here.


The participation fee is 790 € + VAT.

We want to give everyone who is interested to participate, the chance to do so. This is why we offer Shifting the Paradigm with Appreciative Inquiry on a scale between a minimum fee of 350 € and an unlimited maximum fee for sponsors. With giving more than 790€ you make the participation possible for someone else. By that you help shape a new reality that offers more chances for everyone.

PLEASE NOTE: this is not a binding registration. By filling out the form, you indicate that you are interested and would like to be invited for next program start at the 1st of September 2022, once the registration is open again. As soon as the registration opens, we’ll let you know via mail.

(Re-)Discover Appreciative Inquiry

and learn how you can use it to both understand the major shifts we experience in these days and how to leverage positive change in your own life and the lives of others

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Why should you participate in Shifting paradigms with Appreciative Inquiry?

Do you feel that a lot is changing in these days on many levels, but you cannot name what it is, precicely?
Would you like to help shape a world in which not only profit matters, but people and the planet, too?
Are you looking for a change approach that focusses not only on what going wrong but on the strength and potential of people and situations?

Then this might be an online programme for you.

Understanding what's shifting

In this online programme we discover and unravel 5 fundamental developments that affect all of us on how we live and work together in a direct or indirect way.

  • moving beyond old centralized power structures
  • appreciating diversity
  • shifting from a fear- to a love-based economy (doing what you love instead of getting compensated for what you think you must do)
  • value creation in times of artificial intelligence
  • How planetary wisdom elevates us and future generations
We look at what is shifting through the lense of Appreciative Inquiry. AI is an approach that helps us to focus on >what works< instead of using complicated and abstract models. We inquire into for what is already there, worth to be celebrated and nourished that can infuse hope and confidence. And we address challenges by using the power of stories and inspiring questions that help us ignite the power of our imagination.  With each module in this course we’ll (re)discover one of the AI Principles.
You can downlaod already now for free my card deck with the 6 classic Principles of Appreciative Inquiry

This is what you will experience in the 4 month learning journey..

  • be part of an inspiring group of change makers that share your ambition to understand and co-create positive change
  • learn from the masters in the field: Joep C. de Jong, one of the founding fathers of Appreciative Inquiry, Nadjeschda Taranczewski, founder of ConsciousU, book author and initiator of the Money*Talks, Dr. Claudia Gross, founder of speakGreen and hcOrG, and Jeremy N. Akers, intitiator of the Think Slow Dojo.
  • work on your own change topic(s) with other experts in the field
  • become aware of how we – individually and collectively – construct our world through our thoughts and beliefs.
  • And start shaping a new (internal) power structure consciously.
Each of the 6 modules consists of
  • input-sessions with eye-opening video-, audio-,  and or reading material
  • possibility for exchange in a smaller, more intimate group that allows you to deepen your understanding of the course-material and to exchange with others
  • a masterclass with Vera and – in some modules – a guest speaker who’s expert in his/her field

What will you gain out of this Programme

  • Discover the constructs, assumptions and beliefs that you hold around yourself and the world &  learn to de-construct and re-construct them in ways that serve you
  • gain a deep understanding and ability to work with one of the most powerful strength-based change approaches out there
  • learn about a new, inspiring perspective on the times we live in with it’s opportunities to create positive change
  • empower and liberate yourself  as a change agent
  • access and participate in a strong and inspiring community of change makers
  • and you’ll certainly get no certificate for your participation 😉

For whom is the programme Shifting paradigms with Appreciative Inquiry  for:

This online programme invites you into a personal and eye-opening learning journey. It is taylored to equip those who are ready to consciously shape the world of tomorrow with insights, a deepened self-awareness and powerful tools :

  • Thought Leaders who seek to connect the dots for and inspire their followers
  • Appreciative Inquiry Practitioners who want to deepen their self-awareness and understanding of what’s shifting
  • (Team) Leaders who want to guide their people and projects into a more regenerative and humane future
  • Coaches, Trainers & Scrum Masters who want to incorporate the power of Appreciative Inquiry and other consciousness-increasing approaches in their repertoire
  • Anyone who is ready to contribute to the paradigm shift

Your investment

We’ll be on a learning journey together for 4 months, whereby I advise to spend 20min per day on the course to get the maximum out of it for yourself.

You can choose between three levels for your participation in the programme:

  • Regular: You pay the full participation fee of 790 € plus VAT.
  • Sponsor: You pay an amount above 790 € plus VAT and thereby fully or partially sponsor another person who pays a reduced participation fee.
  • Reduced:  You choose an amount between 790 € and 350 € plus VAT.
pre-register here.

Read what course participant’s say

about the former Appreciative Inquiry course:

“After attending Vera´s online course “Power of our Stories”, I feel encouraged to share my impression of the interaction I was part of – with her, as much as with other course participants in a (private) LinkedIn group. Yet, I need to start with the element that brought me into all of it – Vera´s astonishing presence in her videos. After I saw one of these beautiful crafted stories she creates, interacting with her camera just like I would be sitting right in front of her – I did know, I want more of that. So I signed up for her masterclass “The art of formulating transformative questions” and became part of the Dare to Imagine – Community. It had been right to the point of my individual needs – to find clarity about the topic of appreciative inquiry and to put myself into it – in exchange with all these great people in her community. I recommend attending one of her classes for everyone who wants to learn. Learn about yourself and about your interaction with everyone around you – and how you can make this life an even more beautiful experience. Go, give it a try!”

(Dieter Kaufhold, Scrum Master at Allianz Suisse)

Part of the programme Shifting paradigms with Appreciative Inquiry are 6 masterclasses. If you want to have an impression of how that looks like, feel free to watch back the (imperfect;) one on The Art of formulating Transformational Questions

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