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Hungry for inspiration, community and food for thought? Then you are in the very right place. Dare to imagine hosts a range of seminars and workshops related to Personal Growth, Leadership and Appreciative Inquiry. Enjoy browsing through the event section and stay tuned for more magic to come!

 Imagination ignited, a supportive and curious community and hope – these are the key ingredients for  memorable events .

Get ignited through events that inspire you to change your world

My life was changed twice by experiences I had during conferences. They changed my life for the better. I (re)discovered my tribe, my purpose, my dream and afterwards redesigned my life towards more joy, more meaning and more connection.
I wish you the same. That’s why Dare to Imagine hosts conferences, seminars and other events that you certainly want to attend. I work with the most talented and passionate people I can find to co-create moments that ignite positive change in all of our lifes. Come and join us at one of them!


You long for community & Inspiration?

We are a relational beings. We all long for meaningful conversations with kindred spirits. Conversations that allow us share stories and dream about a better world.

Conferences, well organized, with head and heart, spirit and soul can be catalyzers for positive change. That’s exactly what we aim for at Dare to Imagine.

If you want to be part of this experience: stay tuned!

Seminars & Workshops

Want to make Appreciative Inquiry and other strength-based approaches your own?

Come and join us for seminars and workshops where we learn about Appreciative Leadership, the Art of Storytelling and Theory U!

Equip yourself with tools and principles that help you leverage the change you want to see in your work and personal environment. I often join forces with other experts. Let us astonish you with professionally facilitated seminars in beautiful places that allow you to explore and broaden your own repertoire of strength-based approaches.

Getting so excited that you want to co-create events together with me?

That’s great! I would say we should have a cup of coffee together 🙂 Let’s find out  how we can do good in the world!

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