We are on the cusp of a new paradigm

These times ask for courage, agency & action

Become the change you want to see!

We are experiencing a period of rapid and profound change. As a result, more and more systems and the beliefs that have surrounded us for centuries become obsolete. And we are getting stuck in many places. Whether we look at the organizations we work in, the school systems our childrens go through, our way of dealing with the our home planet – change needs to come and change is on its way. And that’s good news!

A new paradigm is emerging and invites us to find new ways of working and collaborating, new agreements  and a new value system. Contributing to and co-creating this paradigm shift is something we are all invited to. Not just an elite (hierarchies are about to die, I belief), but everyone can have a say in that.

These times ask all of us to be courageous, clear and to take action.

Much has been written.

A lot still needs to be done.

If you look around you, you’ll realize that a lot has been written about this new paradigm (e.g. by Otto Scharmer (Theory U), Charles Eisenstein Frederic Laloux (Reinventing Organizations), Marja de Vries (The whole Elephant revealed, Samenlevingen in Balans)). However, at the end, we all have to find our own truth, path and task in how we want to contribute to the change we want to see. Of course you can read all these books and do your own thing, but there’s a way that is simpler, faster and more rewarding.

I am here for you so you become an effective change maker

Are you here to change the world for the better? Then we might be good partners in crime!

However, before we start, I have to warn you: I am not here to comfort you in your discomfort around what you see in this world. On the contrary, I am here to help you make use of the discomfort that you feel in work, life or in how certain aspects of how we’ve organized our society. What makes me passionate is supporting you to realize what you need in order to become an effective and powerful change maker – in your own life and in the life of others.

Together we make the change happen.

How amazing would it be if in 6 month time you have the courage, skills and tools to start the project that is so close to your heart and in the back of your mind since years? Or to finally get your colleagues and the management convinced to engage in more meaningful projects. How powerful and great would it feel if thanks to you a shift of awareness would happen in your surroundings!

  • more “us” instead of “me”
  • sustainable solutions instead of short-term thinking
  • authenticity and sincerity instead of playing games and wearing masks

Wouldn’t that be something worth fighting for?


Become the change you want to see!

Change in Organizations

Hire me for a project in your team or organization!
Herefore you get:

  • support in a specific project that is centered around positive change
  • access to my knowledge and expertise in Appreciative Inquiry, Social and Organizational Psychology, Team Building and much more
  • a sparringpartner in the development of your vision/strategy and action plan to reach your goals
  • the aim of this trajectory is that you and your team find the best possible solution together
  • a leap forward in unfolding your potential as a team and individually
per day 1400 € excl. VAT


  • support in a specific question, whether it be personal development or a project that is close to your heart
  • access to my skills in Appreciative Inquiry and other strength-based approaches and my knowledge in psychology
  • a sparringpartner in the development of your vision/strategy and action plan to reach your goals
  • the safe space to become aware of and break through old, destructive patterns and concepts of yourself
  • a leap forward in unfolding your potential as a team and individually
all-in price for coaching of 1,5h to 2h: 190 €

This is my regular pricing scheme. Saying that, I here to support you, eventhough you as an individual cannot pay this price in this moment. Get in touch with me and we’ll find a fair solution together!

What else you can do:

Let’s make the world a better place! Make your choice:

If non of these options speak to you, you can always schedule a coffee-date with me to see how I can support you in your specific situation.

Dive into what Dare to imagine has in store for you and become the change you want to see!

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