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If we are able to see opportunities where others see only problems, we can write our own brave and beautiful endings to a challenging story. Knowing our own stories and being clear on how we want the story to unfold, no matter the obstacle, makes us more resilient, confident and hopeful once a storm hits us.

That’s why I want to support you to unfold your potential and to become the author or your life’s story in a playful and powerful manner. Especially in times like these when the wind of change is blowing strongly I encourage you to see your own strength and beauty and to tap into the wisdom of your own story.

To me it is clear that people matter profoundly. That YOU matter profoundly. Therefore I open the treasure trove of Appreciative Inquiry for you, so you can unleash your power as the author of your own life!

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What is it and how can I use Appreciative Inquiry?

Appreciative Inquiry is an approach that helps us to bring about the best in people; and thus also in yourself. It focusses on the strength and success stories that we all can share. I am one hundred percent sure that you have a success story that you and I can learn from and that reminds you of the great strength and capacities that are deep inside you, waiting to be brought to the surface and getting put to use. Storytelling and asking the right questions helps us to gain access to our dreams and the wisdom on how we can achieve them. You’ll quickly discover that by understanding and honoring the Classic Principles of Appreciative Inquiry and by following some basic schemes of this approach you’ll make progress in achieving your goals faster than you can imagine.

Appreciative Inquriy works. Let’s make use of this great tool to empower you, so you can make your dreams come true!

So what? Now what?

Although used very often in an organizational context, you can use Appreciative Inquiry in actually any field where you want to see change happening, be it in your team, your neighbourhood, your organization or your personal life.

And since sustainable change always needs a stable foundation, the best idea is to start with yourself. Therefore I’ve designed an online course:
The power of our stories
– Applying Appreciative Inquiry in our personal lives to leverage change where we want to see it
that allows you to get to know the 6 Classic Principles of Appreciative Inquiry and to make them your own in your personal life.

Empower yourself to create positive change!

In this online course you’ll disover the power of the 6 classic prinicples of Appreciative Inquiry (you can also download the card deck for free here) and how to use them in your daily life. We’ll
  • learn how to create change from the inside-out with the simultaneity principle
  • become aware of the architecture of our thoughts, beliefs and assumptions with the constructionist principle
  • understand that we are the authors of our lives, writing brave new endings with the poetic principle
  • apply wholeness principle when creating new habits
  • make use of the positive principle when our initial motivation dwindles
  • learn how to boost your self-confidence with the anticipatory principle when the road gets tough
Each of the 6 video-lessons takes about 10 to 20 minutes and you can complete them in your own rhythm and pace. At the end of the course you get the chance to participate in a powerful masterclass with me about the art of formulating transformative quesions where. Here we’ll connect all the dots and you can ask me all your questions.

Part of the online course The Power of our Stories is a masterclass on

The Art of formulating Transformational Questions

In that we discover key ingredients that make a question change-inspiring and powerful. Watch back the (imperfect;) recordings of our inspiring and heartwarming masterclass from the 17.12.20!

All of that richness and life-long access to the online course for 379 €

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How does it work?

  • Follow the link and proceed to the check out. You’ll here find the date for the next Masterclass (you can note it already in your agenda! 😉 ) and after the check-out you get access to the online environment where you can find the video-lessons
  • Results don’t fall from the sky. Invest to yield the best result! The more you put in, the more you’ll get out. So I recommend to plan in 10-20 min each day for the assignments that come with every video-lesson
  • Get connected! Additional to the learning material you get access to a closed Linkedin group with all others who ever signed up for the course. This is a wonderful and safe circle of like-minded with whom you can connect and share your insights from the videos and assignments. Also, if you have any trouble with the technical things or with the question on how you can further implement your learnings into your life – reach out to me!
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