What is actually a mastermind?

A mastermind brings together a group of like-minded people who support each other in solving the challenges that each of the group members faces. The concept is based on Napoleon Hill’s inspiring book “The law of succes“.

In a mastermind the knowledge, experience and wisdom of every members is used to enhance to uplift the whole. Giving and taking is in balance, all ressources are used and everyone is heard, thus the individual and collective benefit grows exponentially.

This mastermind is thus no workshop or course which is based on a top-down transfer of konwledge.  As facilitators we moderate the process so everyone can learn best. Next to that we share everything we know and have to support your process. The aim of this mastermind is to actually achieve an important result.

Be the Change you want to see!

Be part of this powerful mastermind.
Shift you life and environment to a new paradigm.
Do you accept the challenge?

Why this Mastermind for Positive Change?

Because the world around us is changing rapidly and massively. NOW is the time to change things. We are getting stuck in so many ways and at so many places – be it at work, in education, in the way we organize our societies.

We realize that we are amidst a paradigm shift. So many of us long for a paradigm where new, more balanced ways of working and living, values and commitments are made that allow us to live our lifes in a more harmonious way with each other and this planet.

Many books have been written by now about this new paradigm (e.g. by Otto Scharmer (Theory U), Charles Eisenstein, Frederic Laloux (Reinventing Organizations), Marja de Vries (The whole elephant revealed, Samenlevingen in Balans)). However, at the end, everyone of us has to find his or her own way in really living it. Of course you can read all these books by yourself and find your way on your own, but there is another way – more powerful, smoother and more fun.

Get to know us and the idea of the Mastermind in this video

Join us in our Mastermind for Positive Change

What you can expect:


We are going to pioneer together! During this journey you, yourself will go through a transformation but you’ll also bring positive change to the world. We, Gwendel and Vera, facilitate the journey and share all our knowledge, tools experience and wisdom, so you can make the difference. These are some of the things you’ll acquire:

  • Levels of awareness and how you can tap into them
  • The universal laws (Marja de Vries) and how you use them
  • The balance of giving and taking
  • Understanding feminine and masculine principles and how to use them
  • Creating a community based on shared values
  • How to deal with complexity and opposing agendas
  • How to deal with uncertainty
  • Systemic principles
  • Principles of Appreciative Inquiry

During the sessions there is room to bring your own questions and topics one step further at a time. We are learning together and from each other. During your journey you are supported online via a closed LinkedIn group. If you feel that you need extra support from either Gwendel or Vera there’s always the possiblity. That allows you to  make steps with impact.

Join the circle of change makers

How great would it feel if in a few months ahead you stand in your own power? If you grew into a network of change makers en brought positive change into the world to a place where you so much want to see it?

This is what you take out of the Mastermind:

  • you know and feel that you have unlimited potential
  • clarity on what you need and want to do in this life
  • awareness that you are the one to bring positive change
  • you can take 100% responsibility for your own choices in life
  • you’ve made a big step in your personal development and brought your own topics a large step forward.

Are you with us?

How can I join?

Only 3 easy steps and you are part of the most powerful experience you’ve given yourself in a long time:

Step 1: choose for how long you want to be part of the Mastermind and choose a membership package

Step 2: Get guided through the payment process and create your own profile

Step 3: Get access to the LinkedIn group MasterMind for Positive Change

..and get started with your transformative journey!

Mastermind - group of people

3 months

Start your transformative journey & make a deep dive to discover your own potential!

  • Access for 3 month
  • Focus on your own process
  • 2 x per month online sessions
  • Max 12 participants
  • Support via LinkedIn groep
  • access to a big network
€ 379,-

(excl. 21% VAT)

6 months

Your transformation takes on a unique shape and form & you start making an impact!

  • Access for 6 month
  • Focus is on creating together
  • 2 x per month online sessions
  • Max 12 participants
  • Support via LinkedIn group
  • access to a big network
€ 699,-

(excl. 21% VAT)

9 months

Long term commitment & a deep inner journey with a great impact in the world

  • Access for 9 months
  • Focus on impact in your life and beyond
  • 2 x per month online sessions
  • Max 12 participants
  • Support via LinkedIn group
  • access to a big network
€ 997,-

(excl. 21% VAT)

Questions or doubts? Just call or mail to one of us and well find a solution that works for you 🙂
Gwendel: gwendelk@yahoo.com 06 3313 3504
Vera: vera@daretoimagine.today 06 4266 5332

Practical info all in one place:

Facilitation: Gwendel Kusters and Vera Hofmann

Languages: Dutch and English (bilingual)

Dates: 28/10, 11/11, 25/11, 9/12, 23/12, 13/1, 27/1, 10/2, 24/2, 10/3, 24/3, 7/4, 21/4, 12/5, 26/5, 9/6, 23/6

Sessions: every 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month, 20:00-22:00

Where: online via Zoom and in a closed Linkedin Group (access directly after your subscription)

Moments to join: 28.10.2020, 4.2.2021, 12.5.2021

Intake: phone call

Group size: 10-12 persons

Prijs: 379,-  699,-  or 977,- Euro
(depending on how long you want to take part)

YES, I want to join the Mastermind for Positive Change!
Get in touch!

You have the possibility to step back from your investment till two weeks after the first session. You then receive the full amount back.

Get in touch for your intake!

Gwendel: gwendelk@yahoo.com 06 3313 3504
Vera: vera@daretoimagine.today 06 4266 5332

I think that to anyone who wants to give the question ‘What’s your longing’ a serious go – to me that means at head, heart and soul level – the MasterMind is actually a gift. Sometimes challenging – like in my case – always safe, and always inviting to take a next step!

Joep C. de Jong, JLS International

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