How it all began…

Gwendel Kusters and I started this project one year ago. Back then, we thought we want and need to equip change makers with tools, self-awareness and skills to create positive change in their own life and in their surroundings. We had great ideas and plans of what people would achieve through the program in 3, 6 and 9 months. We started with a lot of enthusiasm and a strong sense of agency…

What we learned very quickly was that this was not what our participants REALLY wanted and needed. Yes, they joined us for what we had proposed and promised. But within the first 3 months it became very clear that we could

1) drop our preconceived agendas..
2) let go of the fancy development goals…
3) reconsider the idea of well thought through assignments for the time in between two sessions…

We learned that we had to trust both, our own intuition of what the group needed and the feedback of the participants on what topics and skills they wanted to learn about and grow within themselves.

We also realized that we had created – without intending so in the first place – a container where we grew our awareness and abilities (not the participants but we as hosts, too!) to appreciate, live and work with diversity, complexity and not-knowing.

The Mastermind for Positive Change therefore became a place that helped us grow beyond our imagination. Iulia, one of our first participants and co-creator of the Mastermind for Youngsters, Gwendel and I carved out a manifesto recently that captures the essence of this place.

It goes like this…

We believe in the power of consciousness. That all is connected. That we are ONE.
To connect to and create from that consciousness we believe we need a place of STILLNESS.
Stillness is where our soul meets the human form. Where polarities meet and exist side by side. Where we become One. One within ourselves. One with our environment. One with all living things.
From this place, where we get rooted in our power, we create positive change. It’s that fertile ground where insights emerge and we can act consciously.
It’s from here where we build growing community of joyful, conscious and life resilient people. A community that is the basis of thriving humans, thriving organizations and thriving society.
We stand for the future. A future that starts here.
We are the MasterMind for Positive Change.

Come and join us – explore your zone of genius!

What is actually a mastermind?

A mastermind brings together a group of like-minded people who support each other in solving the challenges that each of the group members faces. The concept is based on Napoleon Hill’s inspiring book “The law of succes“.

In a mastermind the knowledge, experience and wisdom of every members is used to enhance to uplift the whole. Giving and taking is in balance, all ressources are used and everyone is heard, thus the individual and collective benefit grows exponentially.

This mastermind is thus no workshop or course which is based on a top-down transfer of konwledge.  As facilitators we moderate the process so everyone can learn best. Next to that we share everything we know and have to support your process. The aim of this mastermind is to actually achieve an important result.

What the participants say about the mastermind

Join us in our Mastermind for Positive Change

This is what you gain:

  • you know and feel that you have unlimited potential
  • clarity on what you need and want to do in this life right now
  • awareness that you are the one to bring positive change
  • you can take 100% responsibility for your own choices in life
  • you’ve made a big step in your personal development and brought your own topics a large step forward.

During the sessions there is room to bring your own questions and topics one step further at a time. We are learning together and from each other. During your journey you are supported online via a closed Social Media group. If you feel that you need extra support from either Gwendel or Vera there’s always the possiblity. That allows you to  make steps with impact.

How great would it feel if in a few months ahead you stand in your own power? If you grew into a network of change makers that support you in your growth, that challenges you in a good way?

Listen to Rucsa Ganciu on what insights and change the mastermind brought into her life:

Moving together

from Knowing to Growing!

Be part of this powerful mastermind.
Shift you life and environment to a new paradigm.
Do you accept the challenge?

How can I join?

Only 3 easy steps and you are part of the most powerful experience you’ve given yourself in a long time:

Step 1: Join a taster session or reach out to Gwendel or me and ask all your questions

Step 2: Choose the membership package from below, and get guided through the payment process on Gwendel’s website

Step 3: Meet the other participants of the Mastermind in our closed social media group

..and become part of one of the safest container there is to find stillness and growth!

Join the circle of change makers


  • access for 5 month
  • get to know your power &  how well you support yourself
  • 2 x per month online sessions
  • max 12 participants
  • exclusive and strong support in a closed group
€ 750,-

(excl. 21% VAT)


  • access for 5 month
  • get support and feel lifted up financially with grace
  • 2 x per month online sessions
  • max 12 participants
  • exclusive and strong support in a closed group
€ 500,-

(excl. 21% VAT)


  • access for 5 months
  • feel the reward by sponsoring someone who needs you
  • 2 x per month online sessions
  • Max 12 participants
  • excl. and strong support in a closed group
€ 1000,-

(excl. 21% VAT)

Questions or doubts? Just call or mail to one of us and well find a solution that works for you 🙂
Gwendel: 06 3313 3504
Vera: 06 4266 5332

All practical information in one place:

Facilitation: Gwendel Kusters and Vera Hofmann

Language: English

Dates: 8/9, 22/9, 6/10, 20/10, 3/11, 17/11, 1/12, 15/12, 5/1, 19/1

Sessions: two Wednesdays per month, 20:00-22:00

Where: online via Zoom and in a closed social media group (access directly after your subscription)

Next moment to join: 8.9.21

Intake: phone call or taster session (contact us for more info)

Group size: max 12 participants

Investment: 500,-  750,-  or 1000,- Euro (excl. VAT)
(depending on how much you can and want to give)

YES, I want to join the Mastermind for Positive Change!
Get in touch!

You can step back from your investment till two weeks after the first session. You then receive the full amount back.

Get in touch for your intake!

Gwendel: 06 3313 3504
Vera: 06 4266 5332

You provide a safe space, skillfully and lovingly held by the two of you, in which I can learn and grow, getting more clarity on what my longing actually is. You hold this space in very gracious way, almost like a dance, allowing each other and each of us to contribute openly; encouraging me to go deeper to allow the answers to my questions to find me.

Joep C. de Jong, JLS International

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