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The only constant truth out there is

that the world around us keeps changing

The dream I have for my clients

We live in exciting times. Times that ask all of us – whether as individuals or organizations  – to rethink the way we do our business. We realize that many systems that we created in the past  (hierarchies, burocracies…) are not serving us anymore. In the long run they are actually harming  what is dear to us: our clients, our businesses, our families, the more vulnerable members of our societies, the planet we are living on.
All over the world we now see old structures falling apart. And some of us see new ideas and hope already emerging just above the horizon. A hope and anticipation for living and working in more abundance and less scarcity, for more equality and less hierarchy, for more balance and less domination, for more transparency and less control, for a feeling of more connectedness and less loneliness. I dream of positive change for all of us.
With Dare to imagine I hold the space so you can find out what you want to change in your specific situation. I make my skills, knowledge and experience available for you in seminars, online courses, coaching sessions, through team building and change management. In that I empower you to take responsibiltiy and action to be the change you want to see.

Become the change you want to see

We are amidst a paradigm shift. These times ask for courage, clarity and action.

You and your team start thriving again

Explore Appreciative Inquiry and how you can use it for yourself, your team and organization

Empower yourself
with what you need

Meet the right people at the right time and acquire the mindset, tools and skills that help you facilitate positive change

„The moment we ask an question, we initiate change.“

What’s your challenge?

You know something ought to change, but maybe you do not know yet what has to change. Whether it be in your professional role or in your personal life: You could need a professional, yet warm and supportive someone looking together with you at your situation and what it needs to get unstuck. Someone who sees the potential. And then allows you to see it too.
I’m here to hold the space for you and support you in getting into flow-mode again with warm and sincere questions.

Who do you meet in me?

empathy: Me too I am hungry for change. I’ve learned through laughter and tears, searching and finding, trying and failing, through wise teachers and more than everything else through listening to my inner voice to live my life fully. Now I am happy to share all of that with you.

expertise and experience: I’ve been searching many years for empowering knowledge and tools that help me and others thrive. With my studies in psychology, my in-depth knowledge of strength based approaches, like Appreciative Inquiry and my work experience ranging from team member over team lead to founder, I have a few tools at hand that I am happy to use for your benefit.

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Talking with Vera works like a catalyst for me. Thanks to her I become aware of thoughts and processes inside of me. Even before talking with her a creative inner space is created because I know: "Oh I have this crazy idea and I have to talk about it with Vera!"

Rucsandra GanciuHPE - Global Sales Planning & Operations

a seasoned, youthful and energetic AI superhero

Tony ClarkeCEO Dynamicvision Teambuilding

Get unstuck and thrive again.

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